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Full report on the case of Jeena Han. Failure of Due Process, manipulation by the DA, failure of representation, the truth of Sunny and Jeena Han.

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Jeena's story covers far more than the media could ever capture. While they focused on the Han's Evil Twin Murder Conspiracy time has proven to show so much of this hyped up story was for sensation only. Few realize that Jeen and Sunny Han reconciled. Also few know that nearly 2.5 million Korean Americans stood for Jeen supporting her in which the Korean community was ignored. To this day she is still fighting the stigma created by an overzealous attack upon the events that took place in her life. I would like for you to meet the Jeena that I know, please watch the video and read her story page to see a side of her that few know and the media never captured. Under Basis for Clemency you will find evidence from Jeena's case the public has never before seen.


Updated News:

NEW: Further support to soon be detailed. Members from within the Anonymous network have offered aid in viral media and are presently constructing the necessary networks and affiliations to push Jeena's agenda. This will affect not only support for Jeena but also will reach into the political spectrum. I would like to thank Yeoman Anon for his efforts.

교제 Jeena Han 에 jeenayhan@gmail.com . 나는에 대한 응답의 편지를 보내드립니다 Jeena Han.

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Want the Truth?

If you are unfamiliar with Jeena's story, once you know it you will never forget it. Despite the initial efforts of many including members of the FKA (Federation of Koreans Associations) and the Good Law, the powers that be refused to acknowledge any other views than those they chose condemning Jeena. While this cannot be helped now after so many years, a new call has come and we have answered that call to bring light into the shadows. Know her, hear the story and decide for yourself for while many believe that things cannot change we can in fact prove that they do change. Anyone can follow a path, few make their own. The close friendships built around Jeena has been built with time and our honor has been proven. We will not rest until Ms. Han comes home. Semper Fi.